The Importance of Word Choices in Communication

Words mean different things to different people.  Choosing your words carefully is a critical component of effective communication.  It can be especially critical when you are dealing with remote teams and communicating mostly via email.  Try to think of positive ways to word your communication with your team.  Here are some examples.  Think of your own positive questions or responses to each of these scenarios.

Negative Positive
Our current system is terrible; it will never   work unless come changes are made.  How can we improve our system to work more   efficently?  What can we do to make it   better?
No, that is against our company policy, or we   don’t do things that way.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Let’s see how we can make that work.
  But your idea won’t solve the problem. Thanks for the input, that’s a great   start.  What else can we do to address   this challenge?

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